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Bookmarks – has landed twice on Canada’s National Top Ten Jazz Charts  at #7 (November 20 & December 4) and on Canada’s Top 50 chart at #41 (November 27). Available on Bandcamp.


Featuring eleven tracks:

We’re Where We Were (B. Baggett) 3:57
America/My Favorite Things (P. Simon/R. Rogers) 5:31
Behind Blue Eyes (P. Townsend) 3:41
Bright Size Life (P. Metheny) 3:31
Naima (J. Coltrane) 4:34
As Wichita Falls, So Falls Wichita Falls (P. Metheny/L. Mays) 2:47
Listening and Waiting (B. Baggett) 4:16
Wrens (V. Iyer) 5:14
Heroines (J. Bro) 2:50
What Has Been Will Be Again (B. Baggett) 5: 06
Classical Gas (M. Williams) 3:52


Bookmarks (2018), marking Brian’s third full length album, is a mostly cover-song recording. It features three original compositions by Baggett: the new “We’re Where We Were” (TruthCourageWorth – SOCAN), and two re-recordings from his first album WARFARE – “Listening and Waiting” and “What Has Been Will Be Again”


First Contact smaller

$20 (shipping incl.)

First Contact (2016) – Release date June 30, 2016. Click on the paypal button for CD or visit Brian’s Bandcamp page for digital download and CD.

First Contact has made the Canadian Campus and Community radio charts:

– #1 Jazz Album (CJSR – Edmonton September 27, 2016),

– #2 Jazz (CILU – Thunder Bay October 11, 2016)

– Canadian Top 20 Jazz albums for September 2016 at #12.

– Canadian Top 20 Jazz albums for October 2016 at #11

The CD contains almost 54 minutes of music, all performed on solo 10-string Chapman Stick. First Contact showcases some of the original material performed in Brian’s live solo sets between Texas and Saskatchewan (1999 to 2016). The opening title track launches the listener into a journey with an improvised intro to Blue Ridge, a song written by world-renowned Stickist Greg Howard. The autobiographical composition 1995 musically tells a story of a year encompassing drastic turnaround and positive change. According to the Chapman Stick’s inventor, 1995 was performed with “…a dark, woody, almost jazz guitar-like tone (making) jazz harmony sound new, along with strong rhythmic phrasing” (Emmett Chapman, President of Stick Enterprises). This entire recording revolves around the meditative, epic, nine-minute centerpiece Pain Free: a composition exploring the journey between this life and the next. The album ends with the punchy, progressive rock-like Warfare Part III.





Warfare 2

– $15 (shipping incl.)

Warfare (1999) – Click the paypal button for CD or visit Brian’s Bandcamp page for digital download and CD. This first release of Brian Baggett’s contains over 56 minutes of music performed on Chapman Stick. Twelve original compositions.





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