Saskatchewan musician, composer, and Chapman Stick soloist

Quotes & Press

thumb-fave-1 photo by Brent Nielsen


November 3, 2018 – Regina Leader-Post by Ashley Martin

“Really interesting unique version!…thanks for a great exploration of the tune!” – Mason Williams on Brian’s recording of ‘Classical Gas’

“Brian Baggett ‘lives’ his instrument when he plays and the visual sensation is as interesting as the sound.” Emmett Chapman (inventor of the Chapman Stick)

“Fascinating and very intoxicating music. Music that ehh, when I go to these recordings, I find it puts me in a place that I find very attractive. A place that, eh is positive. It has this fusion of so many, many things happening. Brian’s music is very successful.” – Gordon Hilton Fick – Host of Lift The Bandstand – CJSW Calgary, April 25, 2018

“Brian Baggett’s hauntingly beautiful performance at The Grand Theatre in Indian Head left his audience spellbound and wanting more from the artist and his instrument. We very much look forward to a return gig.”Don Jewitt, Grand Theatre, Indian Head, SK